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About Computer Overhauls

Adam Sanderson founded Computer Overhauls back in 2002 while he was in college.  At the time, spyware, viruses, bloatware, and popup ads were a massive problem. Anyone that had a computer likely had to deal with the frustration of a really slow PC plagued with junk. 

Adam had a simple idea.  Back up the files that were important to customers, completely wipe the machine, reinstall only what is required to run the computer, and then restore the important files.  The result? A blazing-fast computer that ran faster than the day it was purchased; customers were thrilled.  The ‘Computer Overhaul’ was born.

Adam started offering this service locally while operating out of a rented apartment and soon word spread. The New York Times ran a story about Computer Overhauls that launched the company to a whole new level; soon after there were more features in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Gizmodo, and more.

Adam opened a location in Manhattan in 2005 and for nearly a decade operated as NYC’s premier computer repair provider.  In 2015, Computer Overhauls stopped offering computer repair and moved into buying and selling electronics.  Today, Computer Overhauls is NYC’s premier electronics retailer/trade-in specialist.

Computer Overhauls made the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for 2017, 2018, and 2019 and then COVID hit.  Computer Overhauls successfully navigated the shutdown and today continues to be NYCs premier electronics trade-in specialists/retailer.